slider-logoWe work on the basis that people don’t like surprises – unless they’re nice surprises. Over the course of our 30 years as a family-owned building business we’ve come across clients who’ve seemed initially a bit guarded. When we talk to them and get to know them, we discover this wariness is usually because they’ve had a negative experience with a builder in the past. A job has gone over budget and the builder shrugs as if to says ‘Well, that’s what it costs now’. Or a deadline has been blown leaving the client stranded in temporary accommodation and out of pocket into the bargain. Or the job has been only 90% completed and the builder’s upped sticks and gone to another job. On that basis we totally understand why people would be a bit hesitant when engaging a builder, and that’s why we run our business as if we were the client.


Two things are central to Charas Constructions – no surprises and no hidden costs. We estimate carefully and we work quickly – a small job like a bathroom, two working weeks. A kitchen, three weeks. So you’re back in almost before you know it. And the job costs what we said it would. In fact we guarantee it – on time, on budget, every time – regardless of the size of the job. And on the off-chance something should go wrong – say because a benchtop is made the wrong size or a delivery is held up – that’s our problem not yours. We will cover any additional costs and pay you for every day the job is delayed. It’s just the way we work.


Because you know what? We don’t like surprises either.

We believe building is about service. Here’s 4 ways we bring it.

End-to-end service – really

From initial paperwork to final polishing, we can take care of everything for you. There can be thousands of steps involved in a building project, so unless you’re keen to learn on the job, why not let us take care of all of them for you?

Major works fully co-ordinated

Often cost and timing blowouts on projects occur because trades don’t line-up properly. The formwork is done – now where are the concreters? Not with Charas. Our contractors work mostly for us, so we’re moving them around our own projects, not trying to get them from someone else’s.

Fine attention to every last detail

We don’t believe ‘near enough is good enough’. All trades stay on the job until we’ve made inspections to ensure everything is done to the high standards you deserve and we expect. The whole job is subject to a 100 point check when complete and all our work is guaranteed for seven years.

Sustainability and efficiency

Low-impact, low-voltage, energy efficient, highly practical. Modern building practices build smarter and use more reprocessed, environmentally friendly materials than in the past. We’re across all new developments in the industry and can advise you how best to incorporate them into your build.

Let’s start talking about your project. If you’re ready, we’re ready!

Let’s share coffee, chat and opinions.

Have a dream but not much else? No problem, let’s talk about what you have in mind. We’ve been in building, renovation and property investment for decades now and we’re happy to give you the benefit of our experience.

Cost: FREE – we’ll even shout the coffee!

Let’s put your plans on the table.

You’ve some idea what you want, you may have some rough sketches or even preliminary plans. You now need some experienced advice whether your budget will meet your scope of work. We can give you a rough estimate on the spot and a detailed quote within about 24 hours (depending on the size of the project).

Cost: FREE – no charges to get this far.

Let’s design and cost the job in detail.

We prepare a first draft of the design, along with a work schedule, fixed prices and a guaranteed finish date (as appropriate). If your project requires council or strata authority permissions, we can deal with all authorities on your behalf before commencement of work.

Cost: Our project fees will be covered in your overall budget.

Planned. Costed. Approved. You’re good to go

Once all the paperwork is done, we spend further time with you double- checking the details, selecting finishes and answering any additional questions you may have. We then agree the date for construction to begin. Once your project is completed, an independent building inspector will do a 100-point check, ensuring all work is fully compliant. All Charas work comes with a 7 year guarantee.

Cost: Our project fees will be covered in your overall budget.

Need us to step in on your job?

We’re increasingly asked to get involved with jobs where a project has gone off track. Cost blowouts, subcontractor issues, engineering problems – there can be all kinds of reasons jobs don’t go to plan. We can do a forensic inspection and work out what needs to be done to bring the job back on the rails.

Cost: Our project fees will be covered in your overall budget.