Questions people often ask

I just want to bring my bathroom up to date. Do you handle little jobs like this?

Certainly, we complete a couple of jobs like this every week on average. A new kitchen or a new bathroom – or both – is often all many people want from their reno. Happy to help. No job too small – or too big!

How fast can I get a quote back?

Regardless of the size of your job, we will get a quotation back to you within 48 hours of site visit. Our extensive experience combined with the number of jobs we get through allows us to be confident our quotes are on the money.

Do you really guarantee to finish a job when you say you will?

We understand one of the common frustrations with building work is that deadlines blow out, and that in turn leads to cost overruns. So we schedule a job so we can be sure we’ll meet the deadline we give you and in that way we can guarantee it. That doesn’t mean we take more time than other builders, in fact we usually take less time. That’s because we schedule trades well and have many people to call on, both employed directly by us and as subcontractors. So yes, if we don’t finish when we say, we’ll penalise ourselves and pay you.

I’ve read a lot on your website about renovation and repairs. Do you build new homes?

Certainly. In many ways building a new home is easier than a renovation, so we’re very happy to take on new-build work!

I run an office-based business. Can you help me with a fit-out?

Sure, we handle both commercial and retail fit-out work, so we are used to difficult access, limited time during the day, noise limits, clean work practices and all the other constraints that come with that type of work. Call into our re- fitted Coogee premises and we’ll show you our own ‘before’ shots!

I need a new kitchen but I’ve been putting it off because I don’t want to be stuck without cooking facilities. How quick can you be?

The short answer is 14 days. Subject to seeing your house, we can guarantee to be in and out within two weeks. Any longer and we’ll pay you – so you can afford to eat out!


I live in a house which is heritage listed. There’s a long list of things I cannot do, but I’d still like to improve the liveability of my home. What can you do to help?


I’m keen to make our house more sustainable and would like our renovation to use environmentally friendly products and practices. Do you do this?


How’s your safety record?


Who do I deal with? A project manager?


How can you guarantee to finish work so quickly?